Our Founder

Ifeytaya Bulow is a servant of God who has a love and compassion for God’s people and the lost. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of 24. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 27, which states: “The Lord is my light and my salvation.” Ifeytaya is a bold witness for Christ and enjoys sharing the Gospel with everyone she meets.  Her desire to share God’s love has had a life-changing impact on numerous people of all ages, genders, religions, and cultural and social backgrounds.

Ifeytaya is committed to her academic studies in human services and the Word of God. In 1995, she received an Interdisciplinary AA Degree in Liberal Arts from Touro College. In 1998 she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Certificate in Youth Counseling the same year from Touro College. In 2009, she received a Master’s in Theological Studies from Logos Christian University. In 2016 was licensed as a Chaplain by Worldwide Association of Small Churches, and licensed as an Evangelist by Son of the Living God Ministries, Inc. In April 2021, Ifeytaya received her Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Christian Counseling at Colorado Theological Seminary. Ifeytaya firmly believes this is the calling that God has shaped her to fulfill and is ready to join a team with a similar vision. Grateful for the direction of God in her life, she feels empowered and ready to follow God’s guidance in expanding her role in the ministry.

“My name is Ifeytaya. I was born in Greenville, SC, but raised in Harlem, NY. As the oldest of eleven children, I consistently provided love and guidance to my younger siblings. I also have been blessed with two sons LeSean Bulow and Aaron Deck.

Because I love children so much, I also launched a successful daycare center in 2002. As founder, I am still actively involved in the everyday administration and operations of the business so that it remains a viable part of my community. God has equipped me with strong leadership skills, compassion and sensitivity towards others to help me in the path He’s given me to walk. Along the way, I get to encourage others and be His witness to those who cross my path. 

I firmly believe this is the calling that God has given me to fulfill. I am grateful for His direction in my life.” – Ifeytaya


Read Ifeytaya’s New Book!

“Trapped Inside My Storage Box” is an inspiring story of healing, forgiveness, and the unwavering belief that no one is beyond the reach of God’s love. This book is a beacon of hope for anyone who has faced the darkness of abuse and seeks a path toward a brighter, faith-filled future. My story will touch your heart and remind you that, even in the darkest moments, there is a glimmer of light waiting to lead you to redemption.