About Us

Mission Statement 
At Nayo Cares Inc., our mission is to guide individuals and families affected by domestic violence on a transformative journey. We are dedicated to offering immediate assistance, education, counseling, and collaborative partnerships to ensure survivors have the resources needed to reclaim their lives. Through our “A Safe Escape” approach, we strive to empower survivors by providing a comprehensive support system that fosters resilience and promotes healing.

Our Vision and Background
Having received a Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary, Dr. Ifeytaya Bulow, CEO and founder of Nayo Cares Inc., envisions combining her experience in providing therapy and life coaching to clients with her faith-based outlook on life to bring hope to domestic violence survivors. Through our efforts, the team at Nayo Cares aspires to create a community-wide awareness of domestic violence, including its signs and resources for intervention and prevention.

How We Came About
Dr. Ifeytaya is not just the founder of Nayo Cares; she is a survivor. Having endured domestic violence herself, she understands the unique challenges faced by victims. It is from this place of empathy and personal experience that her passion to assist others took root. Dr. Ifeytaya’s background in education, coupled with her firsthand understanding of the physical and mental toll of domestic abuse, sparked a deep commitment to providing resources and support to those in need. Dr. Ifeytaya aspires to create a space where survivors can find solace, guidance, and the strength to rebuild their lives.

Core Values
Every day, our team at Nayo Cares Inc. relies on the following core principles when serving those in need:

  • Love
  • Serve
  • Encourage
  • Follow Up
  • Impact

How You Can Get Involved 
At Nayo Cares, we believe in the power of family and care. Together, we can create a world that’s more educated about domestic violence and where the hotline isn’t just a number but a lifeline to hope, healing, and a better life.

Join us in the fight against domestic violence. Whether it’s through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, every action matters.

How You Can Donate To the Cause
When you support our organization, you’re directly helping us assist domestic violence victims. Your donations aid us in maintaining and improving our hotline services, making sure every call gets the attention it needs. Together, we can make a big difference in the lives of survivors.

By supporting Nayo Cares, you help us provide survivors with hygiene items, food, supplies, and more. You also support our efforts to help victims and lead in this world.

If you have any questions or concerns about how you can donate or help those in need with Nayo Cares, you can contact us by phone at 718-952-3564 or by email at info@nayocares.org.

Nayo Cares is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and contributions are tax-deductible. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your contribution.

The Statistics
Based on recent trends and statistics, there is an urgent need to support survivors of domestic violence and give them the guidance, resources, and education they need to heal.

  • According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), almost 20 people per minute are physically abused by their partner in the US.
  • Only 34% of people who are injured by their partner receive medical care for their injuries.
  • 19% of all incidents of domestic violence involve a weapon.

What We Provide
Our team at Nayo Cares provides the following services:

  • Emergency Call Hotline: Nayo Cares operates as a 24/7 call hotline, ensuring that victims have immediate access to assistance when they need it the most.
  • Counseling Services: We at Nayo Cares believe that quality counseling means helping victims identify their problems and breaking down their obstacles in order to heal. That’s why our team prides itself on providing Christian faith-based counseling to support the immediate needs of survivors. Our counseling services provide a compassionate and understanding environment for victims to openly express their stories and gain support for their emotional well-being.
  • Resource Center: Nayo Care’s call center will provide victims with information on available resources, shelters, legal support, and other essential services.
  • Referral Services: The call center can refer victims to external businesses and entities that provide emergency rescue services, including housing assistance, crisis intervention, medical assistance, law enforcement help, and counseling services.
  • Relocation Planning: Our team at Nayo Cares also provides relocation support to help individuals in their physical move to a new, secure location. Whether it’s coordinating transportation, securing temporary housing, or assisting with the plan of a fresh start, Nayo Cares is dedicated to easing the transition for survivors.